Hanging Onto Hangsen E-Liquid


Hanging Onto Hangsen E-Liquid

E liquids at Hangsen were first started in 2009, and quickly has quickly become the most popular E liquid bran since it first launched. Hangsen E Liquid is offered all across the globe, serving 85 different countries. Hangsen’s CEO invented the perfect e liquid formula in 2005, which had a PG/VG base.


Using his medical background, he was aware of the harmful effects of smoking that tobacco cigarettes cause, such as early deaths and illnesses. By 2009, he had launched Hangsen and created a ton of popular e liquid flavors that are still popular today, one of which is the Hangsen RY4 tobacco flavor. As this flavor combines smooth tobacco with caramel and vanilla, it is not hard to see why this flavor was a crowd favorite from the start.


Another favorite is the Mansen Menthol e liquid, which consumers consider the best-tasting mint flavor of all vape brands. Other tobacco flavors include Camel, Silk Cut, Golden Virginia and Amber Leaf, while they also have fruity flavors such as Skittles and Cherry Tunes, and more of a dessert taste flavor with Caramel.


Hangsen’s e liquid is created differently than many other competitors and allows the vaper to enjoy a true, genuine taste that eliminates chemicals that go into cigarettes for smoking. In addition to offering e liquids, Hangsen also sells ejuice which contains a high PG content as another healthy alternative to smoking. All in all, Hangsen products are a great investment for they provide a pleasurable, purer alternative to vaping than many other companies.



Some Faqs About E-Liquid


Not everyone knows about e-liquids. I will be honest with you, I did not know much about it either until I did the research. I am not a smoker, never have been. However, I do understand that a lot of you do smoke. Some of you might be looking for maybe a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. I have some information for you below to help you become more informed. 

1)What is it? 

An e liquids is the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette. Most of you probably already know about them. They are considered (by some) to be the safer alternative to cigarettes (though many will openly dispute that). 

It helps to provide the nicotine and flavor.  

2)What is the difference between vaping juice and e-liquid? 

There is no difference. It means the same thing. It is a good idea to get some knowledge of the lingo if you are planning to start. That way you know what someone is talking about.  

3)Could you use e-liquid in a vape? 

Yes, but, according to health professionals and other well-informed people, they do not recommend trying it. The reason is that there is more vape being vaporized in a device than a pod. You get a much stronger nicotine concentration. Some of you might argue that is the point. You want to get that nicotine fix. The only issue is the experience will turn from pleasurable (according to those that do it) to harsh. Your throat might start stinging too. It is better to stick with what you know.  

What are the Best E-Liquid Flavours and Should you Buy them?



What are the best E-liquid flavours and should you buy them?


If you are a new E-liquid users and are getting ready to try a slew of new flavours, there are some that are more popular than others.


Whether these are the best E-liquid flavours on the market, however, is often subjective. That is because, while one e liquids user may love sweeter tasting E-liquids like watermelon or chocolate, others prefer more savoury flavours like beer or pizza.


What are the best E-liquid flavours? -- People tend to choose the flavours they enjoy in other areas of their life.


With E-liquid flavours, that can mean they go with an E-liquid that tastes just like the brand of cigarettes they have just quit using or a sweeter one like banana, blueberry, grape or caramel.


In other words, if you are new to E-liquids, start by choosing a couple of bottles of liquid that are flavoured like the things you usually like. You can then try different flavoured liquids later if you still are not satisfied with the ones you are currently using.


Sweet or savoury flavours -- The best way to start off is to decide if you are a person that usually prefers sweet over savoury things. That type of taste preference will usually transfer to E-liquids, which makes it easier for you to choose them.


If you like sweet, go for strawberry, banana, caramel, Skittles or vanilla flavours. If you usually prefer more savoury things, start out with a bottle of coffee, hazelnut, cola, menthol or tobacco flavoured E-liquid.


Buy two or three different types and test them out. The next time you order, you can then try three or four new ones, until you find the flavours you personally prefer.



How To Choose An E-liquid Flavor With So Many Choices


There is no doubt by now you have your favorite flavour e-liquid. However, maybe you are looking to expand your palate. It can be overwhelming considering that there are various categories such as desserts, fruits, menthol, tobacco, and more. So, let's take a look at some of the best flavours and hopefully you will find a few new favorites too.

Something sweet

Most of us have that craving for something sweet. What better way to satisfy that craving than with Vanilla Custard. The sweet and smooth flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the flavours of fruit can also be satisfying. There is nothing better than a simple strawberry e-liquid that is full of tang and sweetness. Coconut is perfect for someone who just was a little sweetness to balance the nutty taste of the coconut. For those who can not decide, try the mixed fruit.

Satisfying drink

After a good meal or for an afternoon pick me up, there is nothing better than a drink. For coffee drinkers, there are e liquids flavours such as plain coffee and even hazelnut. Do not forget that refreshing cola flavour or an energy drink for that boost of energy. For juice drinkers try flavours such as watermelon and black current. There is nothing like a Mojito on a Saturday afternoon.

Satisfying tobacco and menthol flavours

For those who are looking for a nice tobacco flavour, there are many choices. Tobacco flavors that are considered to be favorites include cigar and Rolling Tobacco. Menthol flavors include Ice Mint, Double Mint, and Bubble Gum.


What Are E-liquid And What Are They Made Of?


Vaping without e-liquid is like driving a car without gas. It can’t be done! E-cigarettes and e-liquids go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Romeo and Juliet, like cheese and wine.


In case you were wondering, the ‘e’ stands for ‘electronic.’ Using electronic cigarettes is known as vaping. Vaping emerged in the early 2000’s and quickly gained popularity as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.


The counterpart to vape pens is e-liquid. Other names for it include vape juice, and e-juice. They all refer to the substance placed inside a vape cartridge that will be converted into vapor when inhaled.


As opposed to the nearly 600 ingredients in cigarettes, there are only 5 ingredients in e-liquid. Those ingredients are water, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. You can control the amount of nicotine you vape, varying from no nicotine to 50mg or more. E-liquids can even be infused with CBD or THC.


There are over 15,500 different flavors to get for e-liquid, many with wild names like Blue Voodoo, Unicorn Vomit, Black Mamba, and Mother’s Milk. There are also normal flavors like chocolate, coffee, berry, and mint.


All ingredients used in e-liquid are food grade, and the nicotine is pharmaceutical grade, extracted from tobacco plants. Blending of the ingredients to make e-liquid is typically done in a lab by experienced chemists.


E-liquid comes in four general sizes: 10mL, 30mL, 60mL, and 120mL. Prices start at $5, but can go anywhere up to $40, depending on the brand and amount.


In conclusion, e liquids has great versatility, with myriad options for size, nicotine strength, flavor, and price.

What are the Best E-Liquid Flavors for a New User?


What are the best e-liquid flavors for a new user?



If you are someone that is new to using e-liquids, but have decided you want to quit smoking cigarettes and try them, you will first want to find the best e-liquid flavors for you.


What are the best e-liquid flavors? Are they the same for everyone, or are some better for you than others?


What are the best e-liquid flavors? -- With hundreds of different flavors on the market, there are different 'best flavors' for different people.


The flavors that become your favorites will usually depend on what you like in your normal life. Do you enjoy fruity flavors like orange, banana and apple? Do you prefer whisky, beer or wine? Would an e-liquid that tastes like coffee, tea or hot chocolate be something you would prefer?


Decide what things you normally like the taste of when it comes to your normal food and drink, and then look for e-liquids with similar flavors.


Different brands -- Remember too, there are many different brands of e liquids and some taste better than others.


That is why it is better for you to try a few different brands, and a few flavors within those brands, before you choose flavors you are likely to use consistently.


Shopping for e-liquids -- You will usually find the largest number of flavors online, as you will have access to hundreds of different suppliers selling thousands of brands and flavors.


If you are not sure where to place your first order, head to one of the many online chat rooms where other e-liquid users hang out and ask for recommendations for your first e-liquids.




The Top Five Best E-Liquid Flavors


What are the Best E-liquid flavors out there? Do you find yourself looking for information and can't seem to find what you need? Or if you find a little information, still which ones are the better band. You came to the right place if this seems like what you are looking for. Below is a little information that might help you.

The first one I'd like to share with you is the "USA Mix E-Liquid" band. This is like a classic flavor. This brand is a popular flavor to a lot of people. This is because most people that use E-liquid are the ones that smoked regular cigarettes.

The second flavor on this list is the "Ice Mint E-Liquid." This E-flavor in popular for those who like the mint taste, but not too minty. This is a flavor that gives you a light cooling taste.

The next one you might like to try is the "Blueberry E-Liquid," this E-flavor will give you a fruity taste.

If that doesn't do it for you, then you might like the Rainbow E-Liquid, this has a mixer of flavors. This could be for anyone.

The last one I want to share with you is the Menthol E-Liquid flavor. If you like the minty flavor with a cooling taste that lasts, you will love this one.

Remember, this is just a list of flavors of e liquids that you may like. I didn't put them in order from best to worst. Maybe you like something different than these.