What are the best e-liquid flavors for a newbie?



What are the best e-liquid flavors for a newbie?


If you are new to the world of e liquids and e-cigarettes, the first thing you will notice when you start to buy supplies is how many e-liquid flavors there are to choose from.


This can be a little overwhelming for a newbie as how are you supposed to know what e-liquid flavors are the best and what are ones you probably would not like?


Finding the best e-liquid flavors is an easy thing to do, as all you need to do is choose the types of flavors you enjoy in your every day life.


Tobacco flavors -- You can start choosing your own e-liquid flavors by looking at the tobacco flavored e-liquids on sale.


Some companies sell e-liquid flavors that taste just the same as your favorite tobacco, but without all the harmful health effects.


Candy flavors -- If you enjoy eating candy, you can even buy e-liquid that is flavored to taste like Skittles, caramel and Cherry Tunes.


Just look for your favorite candy and grab an e-liquid that will taste like it.


Fruit -- If you enjoy eating fruit, you can buy e-liquid that is flavored to taste like oranges, apples, bananas and watermelon.


With several different types of fruit flavors to choose from, you can try a few to see what you are likely to prefer.


Coffee, tea and beer -- Some e-liquids even taste like certain drinks.


If you are a coffee drinker, you may like one that tastes like a latte. If you enjoy beer, you may think the best e-liquid flavors are those that taste like your favorite brands of beer.




What are the Best Ways to Use E-Liquid?

If you are a first-time user of e-liquid and are wanting to make sure you are using it correctly, here are a few things you should know about the best ways to use e-liquid.

Being versed in using it correctly will allow you to get the most benefit from the substance, as well as making sure you are not wasting money by using more than you need.

Filling the e-cigarette chamber -- Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your e-cigarette carefully when it comes to filling its chamber with e-liquid.

Too many people overfill it when starting out, and then are confused when the vapor they expect does not materialize correctly.

How many times a day can you use it? -- Most people who switch from smoking cigarettes to using an e-liquid find they generally use it the same number of times per day as they did cigarettes.

If they cut down on the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid compared to what they were used to when smoking cigarettes, however, they may use it more.

For those who are starting out with e-liquid and have not used cigarettes, however, they will usually slowly ease their way into it. They can then increase the number of times a day they use it as they continue.

The best ways to use e-liquid -- Some people only use it a couple of times a day to help them relax. Others use it throughout the day, just like they did cigarettes.

The best way to use e liquids is to find the method that works the best for you.

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Choosing the Best E-Liquid Flavors


Choosing the Best E-Liquid Flavors


Taste is something that you care about. Scents are important to you. You like to have fun with your whole e-liquid experience and you know that the flavors that you pick out to use have to be fun ones. You do not want to purchase something and then find yourself bored with it right away. There are a number of flavor options out there when it comes to picking up e-liquid products and you can pick from all of them to choose one or two that you would like to try right away.


Talk with Your Friends About Their Favorite E-Liquid Flavors:

If you have friends who use e-liquids, they probably have a few favorite flavors that they can recommend to you so that you can try them. You can probably give them a few recommendations regarding flavors that you have liked, as well. You should talk with your friends to get an idea of the types of flavors that they have been using and the types of flavors that they have been loving the most.


Choose E-Liquid Flavors that are Interesting:

If you are choosing flavors without talking to your friends about what you are thinking about buying, you should get set up with those that seem to be the most interesting. You do not want to pick out flavors and then find yourself feeling bored with them before you even get the chance to try them. Look for those that are unique and that you will have fun trying.


You Can Find E-Liquids in a Number of Flavor Options:

You can find all kinds of flavor options when you are shopping for e liquids. Know what types of flavors you are most likely to enjoy and seek out those kinds of flavors as you are shopping. Find those that will be enjoyable to try.



Best Ways to Use an E-Liquid


E-liquids are increasingly popular and used as part of electronic cigarettes. Many users prefer e-cigs over traditional cigarettes, while others will revert to traditional cigarettes namely because many users are not properly using e-liquids and electronic cigarettes properly. Here are some of the considerations when using e-liquids in order to get the best experience out of using them.

Taking Proper Hits from Electronic Cigarettes

Many people misuse electronic cigarettes and don't properly drag from them because the smoking experience is notably different. E-cigs should not be smoked in the same way that traditional cigarettes are. Many users will take quick drags from an cigarette and get a significant dose of nicotine. E-cigs do not smoke in the same way and require longer and deeper hits from them in order to provide the same dose of nicotine from them. Take deep and long hits from your e-cig in order to more thoroughly enjoy the overall smoking experience from them. Pace yourself when smoking them and play around with how you take a drag in order to improve your overall experience when using e-cigs.

Charge Your Electronic Cigarette and Check the Voltage

Many people who do not get good hits from their e-cig do not because they are pulling in hits of e-liquid from devices that are not fully charged. Make sure you charge your electronic cigarette before using it in order to get a better overall hit of your e-liquid. In addition, check your voltage setting on your e-cig in order to make sure that you are getting the right dosage of e-liquid. Some voltages are too low which provide more limited drags of e-liquid while others are too high which provide burnt flavors when smoking the vapor. Manage the voltage and play around with the settings in order to improve your overall experience when using them.

Stay Fresh

Like any product, e liquids are best when they are fresh. Be careful when choosing an e-liquid and properly seal them when you are using them. Pay attention to the brands you are buying them from and select the leading manufacturers when selecting e-liquids to use.

What are the Best e-Liquid Flavors for a New User?


If you are a new user of e-liquid, you are likely looking for the best e-liquid flavors. After all, if you are going to be using an electronic cigarette every day, you want to enjoy the taste of what you are using.


Thankfully, there are many different e-liquid flavors to choose from. In fact, if you cannot find something you like, you are probably far more picky with taste than you probably should be.


What are the best e-liquid flavors? -- With many flavors to choose from, there really is no way to tell you which of all the flavors is the best. This is due to individual taste making one flavor liked by one person and hated by another.


If you are looking for the best e-liquid flavor for yourself then, you should probably start with a flavor you personally like already.


Cigarette flavors -- If you have stopped smoking due to the health problems, you still may want to be able to taste the flavor of the cigarettes without the toxic substances in them.


This is why several e-liquid manufacturers make their products in a variety of cigarette flavors. If you liked Drum, Amber or Camel cigarettes, for instance, you can buy e-liquid that tastes like them.


Food flavors -- If you would prefer to taste food when you use your e-liquid, you could buy some in the flavor of your favorite candy, or something that tastes like cake or pizza.


You will also find e-liquids that taste like beer, coffee and a variety of alcoholic drinks.


You can also buy e-liquids that taste like specific fruits, like aniseed, cinnamon, vanilla or caramel.


The smartest way to find the best e liquids flavors for your taste is to order a few of them in flavors you already enjoy.

What are the Best E-Liquid Flavors for your E-Cigarettes?


What are the best e-liquid flavors for your e-cigarettes?


If you are new to using electronic cigarettes, you are probably also new to buying e liquids. That probably means you are wondering which might be the best e-liquid flavors for your new e-cigarettes.


Here are some suggestions but, in reality, it depends more on your own personal taste than whether there are some e-liquid flavors that are better than others.


Choose a brand with many flavors -- The first thing you should do is choose an e-liquid brand that has many flavors, and that introduces new flavors every month. That way you will never be stuck for new things to try.


Fruit flavors -- You may want to start out with one or more of the fruit flavored e-liquids that are popular online at the moment. They come in all kinds of flavors from apple and strawberry to kiwi and even passion fruit. Choose your favorite fruit flavor, and get the added bonus of smoking an e-liquid with a lovely smell.


Food flavors -- Some e-liquid users say using food flavored ones helped them not gain the weight that is often associated with quitting smoking. Choose the flavors of your favorite food -- caramel, chocolate, skittles or even pancakes -- and enjoy using e-liquid every time.


Coffee and alcohol -- Some users also like they can get the flavors of their favorite drinks, whether that is coffee, tea, fruit juice or even certain alcohols.


Tobacco flavors -- Of course, if you really miss the taste of your favorite tobacco, there are even e-liquids that incorporate that. Just look for one that tastes like your favorite cigarette brand, and get the taste but not the carcinogens.