Creating Unique E Liquid Blends

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One of the major reasons why people choose to switch to electronic cigarettes (e cigs) is the added variety of flavors that are available to e cig smokers through the e liquids that they buy. E liquids can be mixed together in a variety of different flavorings based on the flavor preferences of the smoker himself and is a simple and easy process for most brands of e liquids. This article will explore some of the considerations that should be looked at when blending e liquids.

Considerations when blending different e liquids

There are many different types of e liquids that are available for sale and in a variety of different flavor families. Some have the flavor of traditional tobacco flavorings, others are flavored with mint or fruit based flavors. Try to find the flavors that you enjoy and be sure to experiment by purchasing a variety of different flavor variety packs. While you are sampling different flavors it is often a good idea to keep an open mind regarding the different flavors and make a list of different blends that may be worth trying.

Experimentation Time

Then, start to experiment making your own e liquid flavor blends. This is supposed to be a fun process that is interesting and enjoyable and requires a significant amount of experimentation. Work with some simple combinations and then move towards more complex blends. Keep a flavor journal of different combinations that you try and make notes on the flavors and what you liked or disliked about them. Search online for recommendations from others regarding particularly tasty combinations. The process will likely take some time and a tasting journal with ratings will allow you to document your journey to unique blends. Keeping an open mind will help you to find flavors and blends that you enjoy and be sure to share with others online which ads to the fun of the process.