What are e Liquids?


Electronic cigarettes are a growing segment of the tobacco industry and are appealing to health conscious smokers as well as to younger smokers who are more likely to explore the new technologies associated with smoking. Electronic cigarettes are different than traditional cigarettes and take a bit of education to understand what is involved with smoking them. One of the most critical components of electronic cigarettes is the e liquids that they use. This article will provide information on what e liquids are as well as how they can impact your smoking experience.

What are e liquids?

When a person smokes an electronic cigarette they put in an e liquid cartridge into the chamber to be ignited by the atomizer that is included in the electronic cigarette. E liquids need to be continually purchased a filled into an electronic cigarette and can be purchased in a variety of different flavors and strengths. Many people who are trying to stop smoking will gradually reduce the nicotine strength of the e liquid that they buy to wean themselves off from smoking. E liquids basically only include nicotine and some flavoring and do not contain the tar and other additives that are present in traditional smoking.

Choosing E liquids

There are many different manufacturers of e liquids and they often contain a proprietary blend of flavors and are composed just for the manufacturers electronic cigarettes. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when choosing an e liquid and electronic cigarette brand. Stick to the big makers of them such as Hangsen, the world’s largest, as they have the widest variety of high quality flavors and are widely distributed and easily available for purchase, regardless of where you are located. Doing so will greatly improve on the access that you have to these e liquids.