What is an E-Liquid?


Smoking e-cigarettes are a new trend among many smokers because it is safer than tobacco and less costly. E-cigarettes work like normal cigarettes; the only difference being that tobacco is not burned to produce vapor for inhaling.

With e-cigarettes, a certain liquid is heated, and in turn, it releases aerosols that are inhaled by the person. This liquid is known as e-liquid. The e-liquid is contained in the e-cigarettes and is usually made from different components or a combination of them.

The two main components that are used in e-liquids are glycerine and glycol. Other e-liquids also contain propylene and nicotine. Not all e-liquids, however, have nicotine.

The amount of nicotine will vary, and some are nicotine free. The use of e-liquids is becoming more popular because it helps heavy smokers quit tobacco.

E-liquids also come in different flavors. Some of the common flavors that are available include apple, cinnamon, methol, and raspberry. The e-liquid can come in a cartridge or a bottle for refilling.

The e-liquids contained in bottles can easily be refilled into e-cigarettes specifically the open system e-cigarettes. Once a person purchases an e-cigarette, they do not have to purchase another one but have to purchase e-liquids because they become used up constantly.

One can also always switch up their e-liquids each time to explore different flavorings. Exploring different flavorings spices up the vaping experience and keeps one satisfied. The e-liquids that come in cartridges cannot be refilled in e-cigarettes.

They are used in closed e-cigarettes by attaching the cartridge to the e-cigarette. When handling e liquids, one needs to be extra careful because they are harmful when they come in contact with the body or are swallowed.