What are the Best E-Liquid Flavors for your E-Cigarettes?


What are the best e-liquid flavors for your e-cigarettes?


If you are new to using electronic cigarettes, you are probably also new to buying e liquids. That probably means you are wondering which might be the best e-liquid flavors for your new e-cigarettes.


Here are some suggestions but, in reality, it depends more on your own personal taste than whether there are some e-liquid flavors that are better than others.


Choose a brand with many flavors -- The first thing you should do is choose an e-liquid brand that has many flavors, and that introduces new flavors every month. That way you will never be stuck for new things to try.


Fruit flavors -- You may want to start out with one or more of the fruit flavored e-liquids that are popular online at the moment. They come in all kinds of flavors from apple and strawberry to kiwi and even passion fruit. Choose your favorite fruit flavor, and get the added bonus of smoking an e-liquid with a lovely smell.


Food flavors -- Some e-liquid users say using food flavored ones helped them not gain the weight that is often associated with quitting smoking. Choose the flavors of your favorite food -- caramel, chocolate, skittles or even pancakes -- and enjoy using e-liquid every time.


Coffee and alcohol -- Some users also like they can get the flavors of their favorite drinks, whether that is coffee, tea, fruit juice or even certain alcohols.


Tobacco flavors -- Of course, if you really miss the taste of your favorite tobacco, there are even e-liquids that incorporate that. Just look for one that tastes like your favorite cigarette brand, and get the taste but not the carcinogens.