What are the Best e-Liquid Flavors for a New User?


If you are a new user of e-liquid, you are likely looking for the best e-liquid flavors. After all, if you are going to be using an electronic cigarette every day, you want to enjoy the taste of what you are using.


Thankfully, there are many different e-liquid flavors to choose from. In fact, if you cannot find something you like, you are probably far more picky with taste than you probably should be.


What are the best e-liquid flavors? -- With many flavors to choose from, there really is no way to tell you which of all the flavors is the best. This is due to individual taste making one flavor liked by one person and hated by another.


If you are looking for the best e-liquid flavor for yourself then, you should probably start with a flavor you personally like already.


Cigarette flavors -- If you have stopped smoking due to the health problems, you still may want to be able to taste the flavor of the cigarettes without the toxic substances in them.


This is why several e-liquid manufacturers make their products in a variety of cigarette flavors. If you liked Drum, Amber or Camel cigarettes, for instance, you can buy e-liquid that tastes like them.


Food flavors -- If you would prefer to taste food when you use your e-liquid, you could buy some in the flavor of your favorite candy, or something that tastes like cake or pizza.


You will also find e-liquids that taste like beer, coffee and a variety of alcoholic drinks.


You can also buy e-liquids that taste like specific fruits, like aniseed, cinnamon, vanilla or caramel.


The smartest way to find the best e liquids flavors for your taste is to order a few of them in flavors you already enjoy.