Business Debt Collection


Business Debt Collection


The corporate world is much different than the private sector when it comes to the debt collection process. A major difference is that commercial debt collection agencies are not governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However they are overseen by other legislation. This safeguard ensures proper debt collection strategies are applied. This does afford the commercial collection agencies a bit more flexibility than consumer collectors. The telephone is still the primary contact source for the collectors. At this stage an agreement can be worked out between the creditor and debtor, which is the best option for both involved.


Owning and operating a successful a small business is hard enough without having to chase down companies that owe your business money. The small start up business has other issues with capital and does not need to waste time and resources on debt reconciliation.


That's where the commercial debt collector plays a key role. They are the professionals that know how to get your money in a quick and safe manner. There are steps businesses should take in the beginning that will ensure proper follow through on payments. Implementation of a strong payment policy, accepted payment forms and delinquent fees associated with overdue payments should clearly be outlined from the beginning. This states to your debtors that you mean business. This was not a handshake deal.


 If the protocol you have inplace for payment options and protection does not work or is simply ignored. It's time for a Commercial Debt Recovery to step in on your companies behalf. There are companies that specialise in commercial debt collection only. This allows a complete focus on the commercial side of debt. This the company you need.