Some Faqs About E-Liquid


Not everyone knows about e-liquids. I will be honest with you, I did not know much about it either until I did the research. I am not a smoker, never have been. However, I do understand that a lot of you do smoke. Some of you might be looking for maybe a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. I have some information for you below to help you become more informed. 

1)What is it? 

An e liquids is the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette. Most of you probably already know about them. They are considered (by some) to be the safer alternative to cigarettes (though many will openly dispute that). 

It helps to provide the nicotine and flavor.  

2)What is the difference between vaping juice and e-liquid? 

There is no difference. It means the same thing. It is a good idea to get some knowledge of the lingo if you are planning to start. That way you know what someone is talking about.  

3)Could you use e-liquid in a vape? 

Yes, but, according to health professionals and other well-informed people, they do not recommend trying it. The reason is that there is more vape being vaporized in a device than a pod. You get a much stronger nicotine concentration. Some of you might argue that is the point. You want to get that nicotine fix. The only issue is the experience will turn from pleasurable (according to those that do it) to harsh. Your throat might start stinging too. It is better to stick with what you know.