Hanging Onto Hangsen E-Liquid


Hanging Onto Hangsen E-Liquid

E liquids at Hangsen were first started in 2009, and quickly has quickly become the most popular E liquid bran since it first launched. Hangsen E Liquid is offered all across the globe, serving 85 different countries. Hangsen’s CEO invented the perfect e liquid formula in 2005, which had a PG/VG base.


Using his medical background, he was aware of the harmful effects of smoking that tobacco cigarettes cause, such as early deaths and illnesses. By 2009, he had launched Hangsen and created a ton of popular e liquid flavors that are still popular today, one of which is the Hangsen RY4 tobacco flavor. As this flavor combines smooth tobacco with caramel and vanilla, it is not hard to see why this flavor was a crowd favorite from the start.


Another favorite is the Mansen Menthol e liquid, which consumers consider the best-tasting mint flavor of all vape brands. Other tobacco flavors include Camel, Silk Cut, Golden Virginia and Amber Leaf, while they also have fruity flavors such as Skittles and Cherry Tunes, and more of a dessert taste flavor with Caramel.


Hangsen’s e liquid is created differently than many other competitors and allows the vaper to enjoy a true, genuine taste that eliminates chemicals that go into cigarettes for smoking. In addition to offering e liquids, Hangsen also sells ejuice which contains a high PG content as another healthy alternative to smoking. All in all, Hangsen products are a great investment for they provide a pleasurable, purer alternative to vaping than many other companies.