What are the Best E-Liquid Flavours for a Former Heavy Smoker?



What are the best e-liquid flavours for a former heavy smoker?


If you are a former heavy smoker that is wanting to switch to using e-liquids instead, you will want to find the best e-liquid flavours for your specific taste.


That means, while there are not really any best e liquids flavours for everyone as everyone's taste is different, there will definitely be ones that you enjoy more than others.


Sweet flavours -- Do you generally prefer sweet flavours over those that are more savoury? In other words, would you rather eat chocolate than pizza?


If so, look for flavours like candy, chocolate, caramel, watermelon, banana, mango, strawberry and grape as these will likely satisfy your sweet tooth.


Salty or savoury flavours -- Is your general preference salty or savoury foods over those that are sweet?


If this sounds more like you, then choosing e-liquid flavours like beer, wine, whisky, potato chips, pizza, menthol, coffee, ginger or lemon may be a better choice for you.


Tobacco flavours -- Remember too, even though some smokers switch to using e-liquids, they enjoyed the taste of nicotine tobacco so much they want the same taste when they switch.


Luckily for them, some companies do sell e-liquids that taste like popular brands of tobacco. This means you can get the health benefits of having switched to using an electronic cigarette while still enjoying the specific tobacco taste you have loved for many years.


For some people then, the best e-liquid flavours for a former heavy smoker tend to be those that will keep you away from nicotine cigarettes and their health consequences, while still allowing you to enjoy your daily smoking activities.