Best Ways to Use E-Liquid


When looking to purchase an e cigarette, you will also need to get liquids in order to smoke them. As a consumer of e cigarettes, you will need to learn how to use an e liquid. Fortunately for consumers, using an e liquid is very simple. You will just need to decide what liquid you want to get, fill up the cigarette and begin smoking.

The first step in using an e liquid is to first determine the ratio of vapor you want. If you are looking to get a maximum high and have a more authentic smoking experience then you will want a liquid that has a 80 PV to 20 VP ratio. For those who want a more mild smoking experience, you will benefit most by getting a 20 PV to 80 VP ratio.

Once you decide on which concentration ratio you want with your e liquid, you will then need to choose a flavor. There are many different flavors for e cigarettes. As a result, you can experiment with a variety of them and choose the one that you like most. After choosing a flavor, you are then ready to begin smoking the e cigarette with your e liquids.

When you have chosen your cigarette flavor, you will then need to pour the liquid into the cigarette. You just need to pour a small amount that fill up a small portion of the cigarette. In most cases, you will just need a few drops in order to have a satisfying smoking experience with an e cigarette. Then you just smoke the cigarette until the liquid runs out. Once it runs out, you just fill it up again with liquid to continue smoking.