How To Use E-Liquids


Many people have an interest in trying electronic cigarettes but don't fully understand how to use e-liquids effectively for their purposes. There are many benefits to using e-liquids such as the health benefits associated with them above and beyond traditional cigarettes, the cost savings that are associated with them when compared to traditional cigarettes, and the ability to mix and match flavors. Here are some of the basic ways to use e-liquids, keeping in mind the two major formats for them.

Pen Vapors with e-liquids

Many people have begun to use pen vaporizers to smoke with. The e-liquids for these are typically pre-packed and contain the liquid in a twist in cannister that is inserted into the pen vaporizer and smoked in this manner. The device is turned on with the typical five click method and ignited with the toggle on the device. Then, once done, a smoker inhales after the e-liquid is ignited and enjoyed. Most vapors have different heat settings so playing with these options for the proper usage will heighten the experience with the device.

Pour in Devices

Some e liquids are sold in pourable devices that can be added to an e-liquid chamber in a electronic cigarette and this allows for more customization to the e-liquid. Individuals can mix and match flavors and come up with combinations that are in line with their preferences. Then the device is turned on and heated the same ways as noted above for enjoyment.

Low and Slow

The best way to enjoy an e-liquid is with long and slow inhalations which can provide for the best delivery of the e-liquid to the smoker. This differs from how many smokers inhale cigarettes and should be noted as such. Take deep and long hits for the best enjoyment overall from your e-liquid.