How To Use E-liquids


 E-Liquid is a juice-like substance mixed with a vape giving the vapour a flavour and providing nicotine. It gets primarily used in electronic cigarettes. E-liquid get delivered in different flavours.

The following are ways to apply any time you are about to use E- liquids substances.

1). Know the difference between the VG and PG e-liquids. VG, known as vegetable glycerin and PG, known as propylene glycol, both have glycerin.

They have ratios of two bases and provide an excellent experience to give a good brand. However, PG may not be suitable for allergic people can cause discomfort; thus, they could prefer VG as a better alternative.

2) It is always good to VG rich e-liquids as the best alternative compared to PG–rich products –VG are more natural and are produced using chemicals and have vegetable oils that 100 % and helps to fix the nicotine.

3) Always get to know the amount of nicotine that your e liquids needs. It is determined by how; long and how many cigarettes you used to smoke. If you smoke too much, you need much heavier nicotine in e-liquid to satisfy your cravings.

4) There is a need to know your preference so that the ratio can get determined. If you are not decisive on what you want, you may choose to have a 50/50 PG/VG mix or a 40/60 mix. If you choose strong hit and flavour, go for more PG, and vice versa; for the minor impact, go for more VG.

5)Always keep on trying different flavours until you get your preferred one.