Best Ways To Use E-liquid

Whether you are a novice or an expert vaper, you want your vaping experience satisfying and enjoyable. A major determinant of your experience is how you use your e liquids. While there is no hard and fast rule for this, a few tips can help you enhance your experience.

Here are a few facts about e-liquids which may help you along the way.

  • E-liquids come in thousands of flavours categorised differently, including menthol, fruits, drinks, sweets, and tobacco. As a user, it is up to you to pick a flavour that resonates with your palette.
  • E-liquids are also available in varying nicotine strengths (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg per 10 ml). When you pick an e-liquid, carefully choose the nicotine strength as per your smoking preferences.
  • The base solution is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. An e-liquid with a higher PG ratio will provide a strong flavour and nicotine hit to the throat. While an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio will cut through the harshness of PG and mellow the flavour.
  • An e-liquid with a higher VG ratio will produce denser clouds, while higher PG-based e-liquids are appropriate for discreet vaping.

How to vape

Now that you know which e-liquid profile will best suit your vaping style and preference, here is how to use your e-liquid for the ultimate experience.

There are multiple vaping devices available in the market, including the sub ohn devices, pod mods or box mods, etc. However, do not be alarmed by the choices and consider getting a basic vape kit for your first experience. These are plug-and-play devices and are easy to use.

Once you have charged the device, shake your e-liquid bottle and pour the content into the device tank to soak its cartomizer. Start slowly while pacing your draws and inhale or puff out as you like but avoid long draws.

Clean your vape tank regularly to remove e-liquids residue, particularly when adding a new flavour. Keep your e-liquids in a cool and dry place to make them last longer while keeping the flavour and consistency intact.

The Top E-liquid Flavours You Can Find


Finding the best e-liquid flavour can be quite a challenge as there are thousands of flavours to choose from. However, trying new flavours can be an enjoyable experience as you can try various exotic and delicious flavours to determine which ones you like more.

Hangsen features five different flavour categories, including drinks, fruits, sweets, menthol, and tobacco. The e liquids featured are from the top e-liquid manufacturing brands and are designed to appeal to various taste palettes.

While the list of the top-selling e-liquids is quite long, we have provided a few of the top e-liquid flavours featured at Hangsen.

Chocolate Caramel E-liquid

The chocolate caramel e-liquid flavour is quite popular among sweet lovers, and if you have a sweet tooth, particularly chocolate and caramel, this flavour is just what you need. It offers a smooth flavour blend of chocolate and caramel that combine to form a lovely combination and provide a delightful vaping experience.

Cherry E-liquid

If you are fond of cherries' sweet and tart taste, you will love the cherry flavoured e-liquid, perfect for a refreshing vape.

Instrument E-Liquid

This is one of the most popular flavours from the tobacco flavour category. Although the e-liquid is mild in taste, it allows for a satisfying and smooth vaping experience.

Cigar E-liquid

The Cigar E-liquid from the tobacco flavour category provides the unique taste of a high-quality cigar and appeals to cigar lovers. The flavour of this e-liquid is similar to that of a cigar, having a woody flavour with a blend of pecans and walnuts.

Tobacco Mint E-liquid

Another one in our list from the tobacco category is the tobacco mint e-liquid. It is quite a unique flavour offering a blend of tobacco and mint and lets you relish tobacco taste with a hint of refreshing mint.

Blueberry Nic Salt E-Liquid

The blueberry nic salt e-liquid is another favourite among the customers. If you are fond of berry flavour, you will really like this sweet and tart blueberry flavoured e-liquid.

Blackjack E-liquid

The exquisite combination of liquorice and aniseed gives the e-liquid a flavour as unique as its name. The Blackjack e-liquid is a unique combination of liquorice and aniseed flavour and is also called the aniseed flavour.

Up Your Vaping Game; The Best Way To Use E-liquids


There is no shortage of information on the internet when it comes to adopting the best tips and tricks to up your vaping game. It also does not come as a surprise why vaping is becoming so popular. Not only does it present a healthier alternative to smoking, but it also offers you a discreet and socially accepted way of smoking.

So, if you are a beginner or not satisfied with your vaping, you may find this useful. Continue reading as we provide you with a few helpful tips about the best ways to use e-liquids.

Getting the right e-liquid

The first consideration is to choose the right e-liquid. Here are a few considerations

The right nicotine concentration; e-liquids come in varying nicotine concentrations. You can opt for 0, 6, 12 0r 18mg of nicotine. So, you have the option of using e-liquids without any nicotine. These are suitable if you are trying to quit or are an occasional vaper. You can also beat nicotine addiction by slowly weaning to a lower nicotine concentration.

The flavouring agent; choose one of the thousands of flavour choices. If you are the adventurous kind, you can opt for unique flavours. Otherwise, play it safe with familiar flavours initially.

The base ratio; if you want stronger nicotine and flavour hit, use an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio. However, a higher VG ratio e-liquid will be more suitable if you want a toned-down flavor. Moreover, if you like making visible clouds, you need a higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerine in the base.

Using the e-liquid

Before pouring the e-liquid into the e-cigarette, make sure that it is charged, and the tank is clean. Pour carefully to avoid spilling and overfilling. You may need to add around 30 drops to soak the atomizer.

If the atomizer is insufficiently soaked or the coil of the e-cigarette is problematic, you may get dry hits. To begin, start slow and space out your puffs to assess how it impacts you. Avoid short or quick puffs. Moreover, just because it is convenient does not mean that you should increase the frequency of vaping when you switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Keep your e liquids in a cool and dry place to make them last longer. When stored properly, they can last for a very long time, enabling you to enjoy the flavour to its full potential.

Simple Tips To Maximize Your Experience With E-liquids


Scientific evidence suggests that vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. When you vape, the e-liquid inside the vape pen or e-cigarettes heats up and vapourizes to produce fumes like aerosol and deliver the flavour only. Compared to the harmful toxins released when a regular cigarette is smoked, these vapours are quite harmless rather pleasant smelling.

If you are new to vaping, you may want to enjoy it as much as possible. Here are a few tips to consider that may help you use e liquids in the best way possible. Let's get started.

1.   E-liquid flavours

The advantage of vaping is that you get to enjoy different flavours and scents. You will be surprised by the flavour variations available. There are sweet flavours like chocolate or caramel, fruit flavours like raspberry and melon, minty ones like menthol etc.

2.   PG/VG Ratio

You also need to consider the PG/VG ratio in the base. For instance, a PG-based base will allow stronger nicotine hit as it is quite thin and tasteless. On the other hand, a VG-based base will give a mild hit as it is denser and can mellow the taste.

Most e-liquids come in a varying ratio of Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, so you need to consider if you want a stronger nicotine hit or a milder one.

3.   Maintaining the e-cigarette

To maximize your vaping experience, you need to maintain your vape pen thoroughly. Here are a few tips to consider

  • Keep your vaping pen tank clean by cleaning it regularly. It will allow more flavour to come through. You can use water to clean the inside of the tank. However, before use, make sure that it is dry, and water droplets do not affect the consistency of the e-liquid.
  • Store your e-cigarette correctly and make sure not to overheat the battery.
  • When pouring the e-liquid inside the tank, make sure not to overfill it.
  • If your e-cigarette has a coil inside it, make sure to change it every four to five weeks so that you can replace the burnt coil in time.

Final word

Remember to shake the e-liquid bottle before use to integrate the bottle contents. Finally, store your e-liquids in a cold and dry place, away from heat and away from the reach of children. If an e-liquid is maintained properly, it can last for up to two years. Hopefully, the above tips will help you understand how to use your e-liquids in the best way possible.

Best E-liquid Flavours


Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide different experiences due to the varying nicotine concentrations and the different kinds of flavours too. The variety of flavors gives e-liquids their unique and different taste. You can make your vaping experience unique by choosing a different flavour every time or combining two different flavours to create a new flavour altogether.

The flavours found in e-liquids are synthetic food additives commonly used by food manufacturers. When added to the e-liquids, the flavour is released in the vapours produced when the e-liquid is heated. The addition of flavours to e-liquids makes vaping a very enjoyable experience.

The e-liquid range at Hangsen comprises hundreds of different kinds of flavours in different classifications. We will be looking at a few of the most sold flavours.

  • From the fruit-flavoured e-liquid category, the Juicy peach E-liquid is the most sold product. It is a great tasting e-liquid with a reach peach flavour. If you are fond of fruity flavours, you can give this one a try.
  • One of the most preferred e-liquid from the menthol flavours is the strong Mint e-liquid. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fresh, mint-flavoured vaping experience. This one is sure to tickle your taste buds with its tingling mint flavour.
  • Hangsen’s Vanilla Custard flavoured e-liquid is perfect for dessert lovers who want a sweet, mild-tasting e-liquid. Imagine the velvety smooth and sweet flavour picking at your taste buds as you release the fumes.
  • If you have recently switched from regular tobacco cigarettes and are not willing to let go of the tobacco taste, you can choose the Rolling Tobacco e-liquid flavour. Its taste is slightly nutty and has mild woody undertones.

All e liquids offered at Hangsen have a PG/VG mix of 70/30. Moreover, they are also available in various nicotine strength ranges, including 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.


Range of Best E-liquid Flavours


This question is asked frequently, and it's a difficult one to answer. What tastes great may not taste as good to you, but a wide variety of e-liquid flavors is available in the market.

The best place to start is by asking yourself what type of flavors you like. For example, Do you like sweet beverages? Maybe something like Apple Cider or Pina Colada? Are you interested in candy flavors? Or maybe even chocolate? Are you more into fruity flavors such as strawberry or apple e-liquid for your electronic cigarette? Or do you like tobacco flavors? Maybe wine or coffee-flavored e-juice would suit your taste buds better? E-liquid comes in all sorts of amazing flavors, so there is something for everyone.

The Best E-Liquid Flavourings:

Coffee Flavoured E-liquids

If you like the taste of coffee or know someone who does, then try our coffee e-liquids. We have a variety of coffee flavors, including latte, cappuccino, and mocha, as well as some great-tasting iced coffees, which are perfect for summer.

Wine Flavoured E-liquids

For those wondering about vaping wine or other alcoholic beverages, e-liquids are available in select wines. Although there are not many flavors to choose from, these alcohol-flavored e-liquids can be purchased in red and white wines. Taste the crisp grape flavor of Chardonnay or the robust flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fruit Flavoured E-liquids

There are hundreds of e-liquid flavors available in fruit flavors. Our collection includes apple, strawberry, grape, cherry, and apricot, to name just a few. If you prefer something with an exotic taste, try mango or peach, or maybe banana or pineapple is more your style.

Candy Flavoured E-liquids

For those that prefer a sweeter taste, candy e-juice is a perfect choice. Choose from sweet flavors such as butterscotch, creme, or bubblegum.

Drinks Flavoured E-liquids

Got a favorite cocktail or mixed drink? Many of our e-liquid flavors are available in your favorite cocktails. Try piña colada, margarita, strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, and many more. Or, if you like to experiment, try mixing different e-liquids to create delicious new tastes.

Nicotine Flavoured E-liquids

If you are looking for the taste of traditional cigarettes without the dangerous chemicals found in combustible tobacco products, then nic flavored e-liquids may be perfect for you. Nicotine e-liquids come in various flavors, right down to menthol, apple, coffee, and grape, just to name a few.


Best E-liquid Flavors


Boring or lousy tasting e liquids are likely to be a significant factor in your lack of vaping progress. That is why it is judicious to start vaping and learn how to pick the best e-liquid flavours available on the market. So, here are some tips that can help you with that:


The first thing you need to do is to get started with descriptive words like: "bold," "spicy," and "sweet." Then, add on some more adjectives like: "raspberry" and "minty." Next, try to pair them up with the most common tastes in the world - sweet, sour/tangy, spicy, and salty; to come up with more descriptive words like: "sweet and sour," "minty with hints of salt," etc.


Upon doing the above steps, you will soon develop a level of sensitivity regarding how your e-liquid flavours are supposed to taste. Their tastes are always relative to the user, which means that what tastes good to others might not necessarily be perfect for you. So, try out different combinations of flavours and see how they work for you.


You also need to make sure that your e-liquid flavour is made from food-grade ingredients that are healthy enough to be inhaled and contain nicotine content that is compatible with your smoking habits. It would be even better if you could find out what goes into making your e-liquid to ease any discomfort or health concerns that arise from inhaling it.


The next thing you ought to know about vaping is that there are many subcategories of flavour profiles, i.e., tobacco, fruit, candy, drinks, meat, nutty flavours. So, for example, if you are looking for something that tastes like fruit, try using an apple and pear e-liquid base; however, if you wish to acquire a more exotic flavour, go with pineapple or passion fruit.


Cigarette-like flavours range from the simple yet enticing tobacco blend to well-rounded ones like the woody taste of cherry or sweet pomegranate. While speaking about fruit flavours, you have to be careful with how you combine them to get your desired taste.


At Hangsen E-liquids, many different flavours are available to choose from, so you can be assured of finding something that works for you. In addition, you can find a wide range of e-liquid flavours which you can mix up with each other to come up with the best taste. Just visit this link: