How To Pick The Right Vape Juice


How To Pick The Right Vape Juice

So long as you have eyes and ears we can assume that you are at least marginally aware of vaping. Vaping is both a cultural phenomenon and a significant step up from traditional smoking. Vaping, or vaporizing, allows smokers to get their smoking 'fix' while also disregarding some of the most noxious side effects of smoking. Vaping is a substantial improvement over smoking but many people are still at a loss for how to utilize the process. Today, we are going to help guide you through selecting your next bottle of e liquids.


Selecting The Right Vape Juice

If you are new to vaping then you need to understand the core concept of how vaping works. When you vape, you aren't burning up physical plant matter in order to inhale the fumes. Instead, you are heating up something called electronic liquid, e-liquid, or vape juice. E-liqiuids are essentially specially formulated compounds that allow you to get your nicotine while also masking the flavor with other additives. Typically, when you choose a vape juice, you are going to be paying attention to two core concepts: PG & VG.


PG stands for Proplyene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. These are both liquids that are odorless and colorless and they are considered the base for your juice. You'll be paying attention to these compounds because they are typically divided up into percentages, so you'll have to pick a PG/VG 'blend'. Vape juice with a ton of VG is great if you want to create huge plumes of clouds. Liquids with higher PG substance can get a cleaner flavor however you don't want to leave PG around your cat as it is toxic.


Selecting the right vape juice is easy so long as you take your time and make the right selection for your personal tastes!