What are the Best E-Liquid Flavors for a New User?


What are the best e-liquid flavors for a new user?



If you are someone that is new to using e-liquids, but have decided you want to quit smoking cigarettes and try them, you will first want to find the best e-liquid flavors for you.


What are the best e-liquid flavors? Are they the same for everyone, or are some better for you than others?


What are the best e-liquid flavors? -- With hundreds of different flavors on the market, there are different 'best flavors' for different people.


The flavors that become your favorites will usually depend on what you like in your normal life. Do you enjoy fruity flavors like orange, banana and apple? Do you prefer whisky, beer or wine? Would an e-liquid that tastes like coffee, tea or hot chocolate be something you would prefer?


Decide what things you normally like the taste of when it comes to your normal food and drink, and then look for e-liquids with similar flavors.


Different brands -- Remember too, there are many different brands of e liquids and some taste better than others.


That is why it is better for you to try a few different brands, and a few flavors within those brands, before you choose flavors you are likely to use consistently.


Shopping for e-liquids -- You will usually find the largest number of flavors online, as you will have access to hundreds of different suppliers selling thousands of brands and flavors.


If you are not sure where to place your first order, head to one of the many online chat rooms where other e-liquid users hang out and ask for recommendations for your first e-liquids.