How To Choose An E-liquid Flavor With So Many Choices


There is no doubt by now you have your favorite flavour e-liquid. However, maybe you are looking to expand your palate. It can be overwhelming considering that there are various categories such as desserts, fruits, menthol, tobacco, and more. So, let's take a look at some of the best flavours and hopefully you will find a few new favorites too.

Something sweet

Most of us have that craving for something sweet. What better way to satisfy that craving than with Vanilla Custard. The sweet and smooth flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the flavours of fruit can also be satisfying. There is nothing better than a simple strawberry e-liquid that is full of tang and sweetness. Coconut is perfect for someone who just was a little sweetness to balance the nutty taste of the coconut. For those who can not decide, try the mixed fruit.

Satisfying drink

After a good meal or for an afternoon pick me up, there is nothing better than a drink. For coffee drinkers, there are e liquids flavours such as plain coffee and even hazelnut. Do not forget that refreshing cola flavour or an energy drink for that boost of energy. For juice drinkers try flavours such as watermelon and black current. There is nothing like a Mojito on a Saturday afternoon.

Satisfying tobacco and menthol flavours

For those who are looking for a nice tobacco flavour, there are many choices. Tobacco flavors that are considered to be favorites include cigar and Rolling Tobacco. Menthol flavors include Ice Mint, Double Mint, and Bubble Gum.