What are the Best E-Liquid Flavours and Should you Buy them?



What are the best E-liquid flavours and should you buy them?


If you are a new E-liquid users and are getting ready to try a slew of new flavours, there are some that are more popular than others.


Whether these are the best E-liquid flavours on the market, however, is often subjective. That is because, while one e liquids user may love sweeter tasting E-liquids like watermelon or chocolate, others prefer more savoury flavours like beer or pizza.


What are the best E-liquid flavours? -- People tend to choose the flavours they enjoy in other areas of their life.


With E-liquid flavours, that can mean they go with an E-liquid that tastes just like the brand of cigarettes they have just quit using or a sweeter one like banana, blueberry, grape or caramel.


In other words, if you are new to E-liquids, start by choosing a couple of bottles of liquid that are flavoured like the things you usually like. You can then try different flavoured liquids later if you still are not satisfied with the ones you are currently using.


Sweet or savoury flavours -- The best way to start off is to decide if you are a person that usually prefers sweet over savoury things. That type of taste preference will usually transfer to E-liquids, which makes it easier for you to choose them.


If you like sweet, go for strawberry, banana, caramel, Skittles or vanilla flavours. If you usually prefer more savoury things, start out with a bottle of coffee, hazelnut, cola, menthol or tobacco flavoured E-liquid.


Buy two or three different types and test them out. The next time you order, you can then try three or four new ones, until you find the flavours you personally prefer.