The Best Way to Use an E-liquid


What is an E-liquid?

E-liquids have continually gained popularity among people and especially teenagers. While some are using it to quit smoking, others find it a stylish way of having fun. An e-liquid is a juice or vape used in an e-cigarette. In most cases, it contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and other chemicals used for flavor purposes. If you are a new user, here is the best way to use an e-liquid.

Best ways to use e-liquids

  1. Identify the e-liquid that suits your preference

There are so many e liquids in the market today. The first step is to identify one that will suit you. Things to consider are the nicotine levels, the flavor, and the price. Some flavors to choose from include tobacco, menthol, fruit, sweet, and drink flavors.

  1. Make good use of the e-Cigarette

Once you have the e-liquid in your e-cigarette, ensure that you make good use of it. Start by shaking it to ensure that the contents are well mixed. That is because vegetable glycerin is the primary ingredient in most vape pens. It is heavy and tends to settle at the bottom, and thus needs some shaking to mix up.

  1. Avoid any spills

When using the vape, ensure you do it directly into the mouth. A considerable amount of nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, which leads to intoxication. Avoid spills but if it happens by accident, then wash your skin with water to ensure that the nicotine is not absorbed through the skin onto your bloodstream.

  1. Keep your vape pen clean

For healthy purposes, wipe your vape pen or e-cigarette after every use. A deep clean after some time will also be a great idea.